Mark and Christine Bailey, owners of AZ Done EZ, are a dynamic duo who have built a simple, "done-for-you", down-to-earth automation within Agency Zoom. They offer uploadable files you can import for any lifecycle stage for both personal and commercial. 


In addition to the Stage Build-Out, they share tips on Branding, Marketing, Driving Online Traffic, and helping you get in the Mindset to truly allow your Automation to portray who you are as an Agency.




  • Provides the complete build-out of each stage of the automation
  • Guides your agency start to define your systems & processes, gain ideas for your mission & vision as well as help you scale your agency with a smooth & down to earth automation 
  • Provides the json files for you to upload into your Lifecycle stages
  • Provides a guided PDF that will also explain our thought process behind each stage as well as "exactly" were to change out our names for your agency names and links 
  • Provides lifelong automation training for current and future staff  
  • Provides Bonus Material to show you how to create the suggested graphics and brief tutorials on other programs (ie: Bitly links, GIFs, Implementing Links, Canva, Poster My Wall, E- biz card creation, and Google My Business).  


  • (Agency zoom will help you for free)
  • Set up Signatures
  • Add Employees
  • Add Leads
  • Set up Referral Links
  • Picking what employee you will assign the task to 
  • Issues related to saving pictures, GIFs, videos 
  • Issues syncing Json files to AZ (none seen thus far)